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Created after the birth of my little bundle of joy, Nairaa’s Art and Crafts is a small business which specialises in personalized arts and crafts products.

Nairaa, which is actually a blend of my husband’s name and mine, has always been an immense source of joy and inspiration for me.



When interacting with us, you’ll notice that we try to maintain our transactions as professional as possible. We feel that by doing so, our clients will be able to rest certain that we are serious about their orders and trust! 



Big thanks to all our passionate and loyal customers, family and friends who continue to inspire us and keep us focused. Being an aesthete, we really enjoy experimenting on new models and  launching new products. Managing a small business is not only a long cherished dream; it also allows us to find solace in art. As a newcomer in this business venture, all we want is more exposure to a greater audience. 



When you visit our social media pages, you will have an idea about our hardwork and dedication. We also have a lot of suggestions and positive feedback from both our clients and our competitors. The best part is we’ve been able to bring huge smiles on the faces of our dear clients through our personalized products. 

Our motto: You imagine it, we create it!

“The True sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.”

albert einstein

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The main purpose of designing this website was to ease the shopping of our valued customers. 

We may be swamped with projects, orders, and so on, but we will never give up. Not now, and certainly not in the future! We put forth a lot of effort for the things we believe in and the people we care about!

If the workload becomes more than intended, you will be notified when orders are closed and reopened!
You can always reach out to us directly through our social media platforms and/or by mail. We will respond as quickly as possible!

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"Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasms.”
Earl Nightingale